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Bride Two Soon Rayanna Jamison

Bride Two Soon

Rayanna Jamison

Published May 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Being turned onto Jamison through another series she writes for, I was graciously allowed to read these books. Never have read anything on polygamy, I went into it blind, but with an open mind. And boy was I rewarded!Green Valley is a polygamist community that is also centered around spanking as a form of punishment within marriages. Being introduced, first, to Ben and Mollie as newlyweds, we were given some insight into this marriage and how naughty Mollie tends to be. Early on, the reader was also introduced to Mollies best friend from childhood, Beth Anne. They were like peas and carrots, as close as even sisters are! However, when Beth Anne gives Bens name as the one she received from God to be her husband, best friends is a title between these two no more!This quick read has you moving in your seat at multiple scenes with the descriptions. Being able to picture everything that happens so vividly, through the picture the words paint, leaves the reader wanting more. Super excited that this is a series and will continue past this book, because this community is definitely one I am going to love getting to know better! Great read!