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Cuibul Cotofenelor August von Kotzebue

Cuibul Cotofenelor

August von Kotzebue

Enter the sum

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Cuibul Cotofenelor by August von KotzebueFrom the start, this comedy was a bit difficult to comprehend.As a comedy, it cannot be really heavy, difficult to grasp stuff.But it is not easy to put in the context of the age the question of morals, etiquette and more.Take money issues- when they you read about 10,000 pounds it sounds like a sizeable sum, but in the past it was huge.In this play, the titles are extremely important.In fact, they make or break a “deal „as important as marriage.Even if they sound silly, the positions attached to names are a must in the small town, where the action takes place.There are under secretaries, under or substitutes for inspectors and those who hold these positions act like they descend from Olympus.Which reminds me of a joke from Fawlty Towers:- Pretentious? Moi?As for the plot of the play:A young girl is supposed to marry a man designated by her family, but she is in love with someone else.While away from her hometown, the girl has met someone else and the man descends upon her home.Before that, her grandmother finds a necklace with a photo in the medallion and is outraged by her discovery.To atone and lacking an idea, the young woman says that this is the photo of the king.I expected this ruse to complicate matters and it did, albeit not to the extent I was anticipatingWhen the young man comes to town, the grandmother is puzzled-- I have seen him somewhere…- I know…he is the king!!Because, indeed, the photo she was told that it represents the suzerain did belong to the man that her granddaughter loves.All the officials panic and they talk to the king with more than deference and show all the admiration that a monarch inspires.This soon transpires, much earlier than I was prepared.The young man makes his request for the hand of the woman he worships.But he is refused.For one thing, he has no title and he must, if he wants to marry the girl.Then, he acted too liberal for that day and age.He did not call grandmother Madame under secretary, or something of the kind.He just called her Madame.And this won’t do.From here on, there are some amusing events and dialogues.In one instance, the two lovers talk in front of the rival about…their love and issues.They do this by taking advantage of the stupidity of the suitor and using a made up storyThey ask advice about a play that is written, with a plot and the problems that they themselves have.Somehow, I felt sorry for the poor guy.It is not like they take advantage of a handicapped man, but in a way not far from it.The play has quite a few good entertaining moments.Since I do not know the original, German name, I will list it with the name of the adaptation that I heard this morning.