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Sharp Math: Building Better Math Skills Kaplan Inc.

Sharp Math: Building Better Math Skills

Kaplan Inc.

Published August 5th 2008
ISBN : 9781419550317
336 pages
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 About the Book 

Kaplans Sharp series can help improve anyones grasp of grammar, vocabulary, math, or writing. The cumulative Building Block system uses easy-to-follow rules, practical review, and foolproof strategies to boost readers skills.Features:A 10-question diagnostic quiz in every chapter to show readers where they need the most help.Math from basic arithmetic to Algebra 2, broken down by subject and then building up from chapter to chapter so readers can group concepts together for easier learning.A variety of practice exercises with detailed answer explanations for every topic.A 15-20 question recognition and recall practice set that includes material from the entire chapter (and a few questions that cover material from the previous chapters), to once again reinforce what the reader has learned on a larger scale. Detailed answer explanations follow the practice set.Bulleted chapter summaries for easy review.