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The Cigar Band Elizabeth Anne Chapin-Pinotti

The Cigar Band

Elizabeth Anne Chapin-Pinotti

Published March 17th 2010
ISBN : 9781451554472
194 pages
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 About the Book 

The Cigar Band is a love story about living and all the promise and heartache life holds. Its about the hardships and happiness Josef and Sarah endure together as their innocent friendship evolves into a tender, torrid, tragic and unforgettable affair they hold in their hearts all the days of their lives. Beginning in the 1940s in California and enduring to present day -- The Cigar Band carries a young German American detainee and a farmers daughter through the life, laughter and tears brought about by honor and obligation. Based on a time in America most would like to forget -- The Cigar Band chronicles Josef and Sarah and a family who knows hes the one for her, but must force Sarah to marry a neighbors son returning from the war to save the family farm at the close of the Great Depression. The Cigar Band is about growing up and growing old and going home again...even if it takes sixty years to find the way back. If youve ever longed for a love that could never be - this is the novel for you.