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Greg Mertz

Published March 18th 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Joe Montour, paleontologist and aspiring radio show personality, confronts the forces of the 1% who machinate the beliefs of America through marketing and public relations campaigns. Joe uncovers the unholy alliance between the crack-pot beliefs of the Christian right literalists and consumer driving corporations.Joe starts to fall in love with Shelly, an associate radio producer, at WSCI, Americas premiere science radio station, only to have his hopes and affections dashed by a series of seemingly unfortunate coincidences. Marshall Franklin, one of the 1%ers, becomes Joes rival in career and love.There is a cast of colorful characters who romp through Joes life and projects: everyone from Reverend Patrick Melvin, an evangelical, Bible-thumping protagonist to Shotgun a demure house mouse who lives in the glove box of Joes car.