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Natasha the Ninja Princess Beau Blackwell

Natasha the Ninja Princess

Beau Blackwell

Published November 16th 2013
ISBN : 9781493741144
26 pages
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 About the Book 

Natasha isnt your average princess... instead of doing ballet or being rescued by the handsome prince, she likes to dress up as a ninja and save the day! In this fun, spunky book for girls or boys ages 3-8, Princess Natasha uses her secret identity, wits, and courage to save the day when a thief tries to ruin her friends big day. If your daughter loves princesses but youd like her to see a strong female role model, this book is for you! I wrote it because my daughter loves all things princess, but I wanted to make sure she saw that princesses can be just as smart, tough, and heroic as any prince in the story books. Boys will love this story, too. Features bright, colorful manga cartoon-style artwork, an exciting story, and a main character that girls will love. Thank you for buying Natasha the Ninja Princess! If you like this book, please check out my other book, The Knight Who Wouldnt Sleep: www.amazon.com/The-Knight-Wouldnt-Sle...